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Mini Submersible DC Motor Pump


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Micro DC 3-6V Micro Submersible Pump Mini water pump For Fountain Garden Mini water circulation System DIY project. This is a low cost, small size Submersible Pump Motor which can be operated from a 3 ~ 6V power supply. It can take up to 120 liters per hour with very low current consumption of 220mA. Just connect tube pipe to the motor outlet, submerge it in water and power it. Make sure that the water level is always higher than the motor. Dry run may damage the motor due to heating and it will also produce noise.

Specifications :-

  • Operating Voltage : 3 ~ 6V
  • Operating Current : 130 ~ 220mA
  • Flow Rate : 80 ~ 120 L/H
  • Maximum Lift : 40 ~ 110 mm
  • Continuous Working Life: 500 hours
  • Driving Mode: DC, Magnetic Driving
  • Material: Engineering Plastic
  • Outlet Outside Diameter: 7.5 mm
  • Outlet Inside Diameter: 5 mm

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